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REVITALIZING Your Wood Structures

Wood is truly one of the most intriguing and beautiful materials. From wooden decks to wood fences and homes, this medium adds a touch of character that is timeless. Yet over time, wood can begin to lose its luster without proper care. You may notice a distinctive decline in color and vibrancy, chips, and splits and in the worst cases, rot. That's what we specialize in; keeping your outdoor wood structures in optimal condition, so they look as stunning as the day they were built. With our wood cleaning and staining services, we protect and revitalize these surfaces with precision and care.

Best of all? We make our own stains with locally purchased oils to create a nourishing application that will make your wood structures gleam! And while decks and fences are one of our specialties we clean and stain virtually any wood structure including cedar homes and log cabins and more!

Fence/deck cleaning | $1.00-$2.75 sqft.

Wood Staining | $3.00-$4.25


For decks of any size and shape, our team can expertly clean and stain it for a truly astounding transformation. Typically, decks are the highlight and focal point of any outdoor space. So with that being said, it's important to maintain this structure so that it can complement your home instead of hinder its aesthetic appeal.

The first step in maintaining a beautiful deck begins with cleaning. Beyond routine sweeping, decks require thorough cleansing to wash away the build-up that's accumulated through the years. We can use specialized equipment and cleansers to strip away grime and dirt that a simple water hose can't cut. This process is not only vital to your deck's longevity but has to be performed prior to staining.

Just like with cleaning, staining your deck is also important. We utilize our experience, and top-quality products to give your deck the best stain for aesthetic, as well as protection for the outdoor elements. Applying a fresh stain to your deck not only improves its appearance but also acts as a sealant to repel water, scratches, and more. At TOPS Decorative Concrete LLC, we take deck staining to the next level because we make our own stains from locally purchased oils. The result? A vibrant finish that will amaze you!


Have you noticed your deck losing color? Perhaps its began to look worn and faded with an abundance of splits? Then your fence is probably overdue for a good cleaning and fresh coat of stain. With our pressure washers, we can strip away splinters and years of build-up in one quick session. From there, our guys can mix a personalized stain to recondition and revitalize your fence structure.

While we can help you create the fence you want, we specialize in staining and repairs for your existing fencing. If you need fencing repairs, a new stain, or restoration of an existing fence, contact us today for professional services for your porches, decks, fences, and more.

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