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Leave It To The Experts

At TOPS Decorative Concrete LLC we have several specialties: decks, fences and concrete. With two sides of our business, we're known by TOPS Decorative Concrete and TOPS Fence and Deck Care. As a team with versatility, we concentrate our efforts on building and maintaining your flooring and outdoor elements so you can have a space you're proud of. For decks and fences (and all wood surfaces, for that matter) we keep these structures in their best condition with our cleaning and staining services. For the concrete side of our business, consider us your go-to experts. We coat and lay concrete flooring for virtually any space. Familiar with a popular range of coating types such as epoxy paint chips and epoxy quartz flooring, we can help you achieve a high-end look without the high price!

Why Choose Us?

There's more than a few reasons you can place your faith in TOPS Decorative Concrete LLC but one of the chief reasons is that we care. We care about every job, every client and every opportunity to further propel our hard-earned reputation. From simple run-of-the-mill deck cleaning projects to large-scale concrete flooring jobs, the effort and level of professionalism is always the same. We take your vision and run with it. Our goal? Your customer satisfaction and continued business.

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Our Services

If you're ready to take your decks and fences to the next level or have your flooring revamped, TOPS Decorative Concrete LLC is here to deliver. Specializing in concrete overlays and epoxy coating as well as deck and fence staining and maintenance, you could say we're a jack-of-all-trades, but that hardly means we compromise on quality!

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